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Professional Education Approved Provider

From short workshops to in-depth courses to comprehensive certificate programs, Professional Education offered by BorderRAC provides educators with a comprehensive portfolio of online programs designed to impact a variety of learning environments.  BorderRAC is a Professional Education Approved Provider for the following:

  • CME-Texas Medical Association Approved Provider Unit with commendation for Continuing Medical Education (current approval status expires 1/26/2028)
  • CNE-New Mexico Nurses Association Approved Provider Unit with distinction for Continuing Nursing Education (current approval status expires 3/31/2026)
  • EMS-Texas Department of State Health Services Approved Provider for Continuing Education (current approval status expires 1/31/2025)

*Updated February 2024

For any information regarding any of our educational programs or if your organization is in need of an education provider, please feel free to reach out to Peggy Jaime at

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*Updated 5/31/2023

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Please be aware that some courses require payment for registration. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Peggy Jaime at