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Who and what is BorderRAC?

"To advance the Far West Texas / Southern New Mexico trauma and emergency healthcare system through prevention, education, preparedness, and response."

BorderRAC is relied upon to unite regional medical providers and serve as a strategic partner for the Texas legislature, state and local agencies, and most importantly for the health and welfare of our region. BorderRAC is integral to helping hospitals and other healthcare organizations in emergency preparedness to respond to a wide-scale natural disaster or terrorism attack. BorderRAC is a healthcare coalition with a comprehensive interprofessional membership of hospitals, EMS, and other healthcare agencies and has expanded its role. BorderRAC committees work to reduce injury, illness and preventable deaths in the areas of trauma, stroke, heart disease, pediatrics, and neonates. BorderRAC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping residents of our region in the education and prevention of injury and disease and healthcare emergencies and disaster preparedness.



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Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness

Public Education has always been a component of efforts to reduce pedestrian/bicycle collisions. Pedestrians and bicyclists need to know about the risk factors associated with sharing the road, but studies have indicated that man have limited understanding of right-of-way rules they are legally obligated to follow at crosswalks and other locations. Although standalone public education programs generally have not been effective in reducing pedestrian crashes, there is a role for public education in supporting speed management activities.

TTI’s Share the Road Texas (the full length-video, and the four shorter clips):

Full video “Share the Road, Texas”:
Short clip “Motorists: Where to Expect Bicycles”:
Short clip “Road Users, Follow Traffic Laws”:
Short clip “Bicyclists, Be Visible”:
Short clip “Road Users, Look Twice”:

TTI’s Walk. Bike. Safe. video links:

Full video:
Short Clip – Distraction:
Short Clip – Right turns/stop before crosswalk:
Short Clip – Left turns:
Short Clip – Cross at intersection:
Short Clip – Mid-block crosswalk:

Elbowz Racing videos

Stop Signs -
3-Foot Passing -
Road Signage -
How to Clean Your Chain -





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